Neutral Gray Interior 0.1

Missile Silo Diagram

Was it too much celebration? Or a lack of it? What happened that the abandoned silos became so unbearable after only a few short months? It doesn’t matter now.

I don’t think I told you that I returned to Earth a while back. You wouldn’t recognize it now. It’s still intolerably hot and still peopled, though sparsely, by the wretched and the greedy. The silos were apparently sealed not long after we left—well, sealed isn’t the word—they were entirely filled with concrete. You’ll forgive my background when I tell you that the chemical reaction that takes place when the cement cures generates heat. So the filled voids of the silos expanded as the heat built up, cracking the original surrounding structure. As the sea levels rose and the patterns of the rivers changed over millennia they eroded the entire complex. The cracked outer structures with steel reinforcement rusted and crumbled away so now giant phalluses of the inverted space within the old silos stand in place of our former happy if temporary home.

No. I have no plans to return there. I understand that in your situation you might think returning to life on Earth would be preferable to what we endure here, but I need you in your cell. It provides me with something wonderful that you would only misunderstand if I tried to explain it to you. I gave you immortality. To be eternally immured is your delicate, beautiful gift to me.

Neutral Gray Interior 0.1