The Inhabitation of Things [in progress]


Part 1:  The Wall

An uncontrollable panic seized me. I had no memory of exactly how I became the wall and no sense of how I might escape it. My body was somehow gone from the room. The panic came as waves of terror so intense that I imagined the chemical that would produce such a feeling in the brain would diminish before a new injection of fear could begin. In the ebbing of these surges of rattling fear I could explore the rules of what had happened to me. I could move within the wall, changing the focus of where my center seemed to be. The center seemed to most naturally want to be at about head height though I could move to any location in the wall or ceiling.  I could feel the construction of the wall as I moved. Even individual nails which exerted more resistance to my moving than did the plaster and wood. The wall was made of gypsum board slats. Not like gypsum board now which comes in large sheets. These were sixteen inch wide horizontal bands and completely covered in plaster not just joint compound at the edges. The nails had ridges which were unpleasant to navigate through.

Part 2:  The Piece of Steel

A steel beam spanned the large opening between the living and dining rooms. At first I thought it was impassable for me in my current form. I went around it along the walls. Eventually, and with great effort I discovered that rather than moving past the beam as though it were an obstacle, I could pass into it. The piece of steel was another space unto itself. Time moved slow in the steel. Gravity was so weak relative to the density of the iron that it became inconsequential. From within the steel I could watch the inhabitants of the air world go about their business as time-lapsed pieces of animated dust.

Part 3:  The Betrayal

Part 4:  The Murders

Part 5:  The Car Chase and/or Fist Fight

Part 6:  The Loss / The End

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The Inhabitation of Things [in progress]

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